Daily menu - 16th of February 2020

Oyster mushrooms 65 CZK
Roastbeef with Cumberland sauce 179 CZK
Duck pâté with port wine and glazed aple 179 CZK
Main courses
Butterfish on the grill, sweet potato pureé 380 CZK

Roast beef in vegetable cream sauce, basil sauce, jasmine rice 310 CZK
Beef flank steak, celeriac pureé, sweet potato chips 440 CZK
Lamb steam, cold mint sauce, potatoes Grenaille 390 CZK
Tiramisu 149 CZK
Floriani 149 CZK
Marzipan cake wit bananas and chocolate

Lunch plate

SOUP or DRINK + MAIN COURSE served buffet-style table (one serving) for 129 CZK

Polévka: Cibulačka
Minutka: Pasta "Carbonara"