Daily menu - 26th of March 2019

Soup Black salsify cream 60 CZK
Gratinated goat cheese 149 CZK
Main courses
Grilled filet of salmon witj spinach pesto, cream potatoes 340 CZK
Pheasant breast in bacon, cranberries, roasted potato pancake 350 CZK
Grilled veal liver with goat cheese, French fries 290 CZK
Spring chicken with bread stuffig, potatoes Grenaille 350 CZK
Black currant sorbet 149 CZK
Apple strudel with ice cream 149 CZK

Lunch plate

SOUP or DRINK + MAIN COURSE served buffet-style table (one serving) for 129 CZK

Polévka:  Z černého kořene
Hlavní chod: Pasta "Pesto"

Kuřecí gyros, vařené brambory
Smažený karbanátek